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Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition
Virtuallly Yours

Online Exhibition
Politically Inspired Art
Part 2

Online Exhibition
Inspired Art
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Amy Kaps

Amy Kaps, Victus Versus Self Portrait, 2012, digital c print, 21" x 33". Click here for larger image and more information.

If you would like to be considered for Image of the Week, send entries to with the subject line "Image of the Week." Include artist's name, title, year, media, size, and a brief statement about your work.
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April 13, 2017

Online Exhibition
Virtually Yours

After mounting two online exhibitions (see here and here) of political art using reproductions of work that was meant to hang on a wall or be seen in a gallery, I put out a call for entries for work that was created for digital consumption. There was no organizing theme other than that. As you’ll see, the result was a wonderfully eclectic range of material.

The artists chosen for Virtually Yours are: Lisa Adams, Lewis MacAdams, The Dark Bob & Nels Cline; Lou Beach; Anita Bunn; Mark Steven Greenfield; Joe Santarromana & William Roper.

Joseph Santarromana & William Roper
La Petite Malambing Thang, 2015

Malambing is the Tagalog word for warm, sweet or affectionate, melodious. La Petite Malambing Thang is a collaboration by video artist Joseph Santarromana & tuba player and composer William Roper. Both appear in the video. Click here to learn more about Joseph Santarromana and William Roper.

Lisa Adams
Lewis MacAdams, The Dark Bob & Nels Cline
River Boy: The Mask, 2015

​Known primarily as a painter, artist Lisa Adams put this short film together combining footage she shot of the LA River with the audio from “River Boy: The Mask” by The Dark Bob and Nels Cline. Click here to learn more about Lisa Adams.

​Lou Beach
Spring!, 2010
digital image

Master collage artist, Lou Beach, occasionally puts down his exacto knife and turns to his mouse. The results are stunning. Click here to learn more about Lou’s work.

Mark Steven Greenfield
Animalicious, 2013

Mark Steven Greenfield’s work confronts racial stereotypes in ways that make us uncomfortable and want to look away, all the while drawing us in and forcing us to examine them. This short video was compiled to accompany his exhibition, AnimaliciousClick here to learn more about Mark’s work.

​Anita Bunn
Sometime Between 4 and 7, 2011

Anita Bunn’s photography, video and prints, turn away from the obvious and deal with the quiter spaces in between. Click here to learn more about Anita.


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